Colour Matching Library


Send us a sample today!
  1. The sample you should provide for our matching services can be at a minimum of 2" x 2". This allows us to effectively match your sample.
  2. We accept samples of all shapes and sizes, your sample must be thoroughly cleaned beforehand, ensuring we can depict your colour samples true pigment.
  3. Your sample must include a unique reference stating your company or name, telephone/and or email. Additional information, such as project type is preferred so that we can ensure the correct product is issued.
  4. All samples are returned upon completion of your match.
  5. We must have an official order placed prior to dispatch, this must include qty, desired finish and shipping address. 
  6. All samples must be sent for the attention of colour match services - 38 Charter Gate, Quarry Park Close, Moulton Park Industrial Estate NN3 7QB