When is colour matching required?

Our colour matching services are designed to cater to a wide range of scenarios.

We understand that there are various situations where the original colour reference may be lost or the desired outcome requires a precise match.

If you need to replace or repair something where the original colour reference has been forgotten, our team will work diligently to recreate the colour accurately. We can also match the colour of a new item to ensure it looks the same as the associated product.

For items that were originally painted or powder coated and now require touch-ups, we can provide you with aerosol or paint that perfectly matches the existing colour. Even if the colour is unique or has an unrecognizable code, our team has the expertise to create a custom match.

Additionally, if an existing colour has faded over time and needs to be matched to the changed shade, we can help. Our colour matching process takes into account the specific requirements of your project, ensuring that the final result is a seamless match.

anodised wet paint finishes

Order from our bespoke range of anodised aerosol colours, simply input your desired colour code!

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Texturized Effects

Find out more information about our texturized coatings, available in aerosol, 60ml touch up pots or paint by litre.

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with over 30 years of colour matching experience

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Why use colour matching services?

CMS stock industrial aerosol paint and commercial spray paints across a range of colours for a variety of spraying needs. Our paints are suitable for a wide range of materials, including wood, plastic, fabric and metal, providing a professional finish. Get in touch for more information.

Our spray paint cans are the ideal solution for completing small DIY and industrial scale projects. Perfect for repairing parts such as vinyl upholstery, curtain walling and cladding, our cans offer a fast and easy solution without the need of a compressor, saving time and effort.

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